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Get Ready to scream...

 "Its the Ladies of KOA".

Are you ready
to roll in 2024!

The Krewe of Athena will make its way through the streets of Metairie on Sunday,  February 11, 2024.  Show time is 5:30 you don’t  want to miss our signature Fedora Hat throws.


It's A Fedora Affair

Make sure you catch one of our signature throws!

Our 2023 Parade Theme

Athena Presents the GrEights

Queen Athena VIII
Lady Marcia Prosper Darby


King  Athena VIII

Mr. Armand F. Richard

Grace of Sisterhood

Lady Stacye Palmer-McBride


Grace of Service

Lady Candice Joseph-Johnson


Grace of Fellowship

Lady Brenda Fay Green


Grace of Fun

Lady Tishlinn Sims-Fountain


Grand Marshal

Angela Yee

KOA Parade 2023-2962.jpg

Parade Route.

  • The Krewe of Athena will use the Metairie Westbound route and begin at the intersection of Bonnabel Blvd. and Nero Street.

  • The parade proceeds to Veterans Memorial Blvd. where it takes a right until it reaches Severn Ave.

  • At Severn, the parade takes a right heading north to 17th St. where it makes a U-turn.

  • The parade then comes back south on Severn til it gets to Veterans Memorial Blvd. and makes a right heading west.

  • The parade continues on Veterans Memorial Blvd and turns left just prior to Clearview Parkway where it makes a U turn.

  • The parade ends at Houma Blvd. near Clearview Shopping Center.

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