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Building Our Future Campaign

Building Our Future Campaign


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our campaign to secure a permanent home for the Krewe of Athena Carnival Club, Inc., and we need your support to make it a success.


Our "Building Our Future" campaign aims to raise the necessary funds needed for the down payment on a building or new construction. Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a meaningful impact and bring us one step closer to securing our future.


By contributing to this campaign, you will not only be investing in bricks and mortar but also in the future of our organization and the communities we serve.


Here's how you can contribute:


  • $125 - Foundation Builder
    • Incentive: Name displayed on a virtual "Foundation Brick" on the organization's website.
  • $250 - Pillar Supporter
    • Incentive: Name engraved on a physical brick in the entrance area of the building.
  • $500 - Cornerstone Contributor
    • Incentive: Name prominently featured on a special plaque inside the building.
  • $1000 - Keystone Partner
    • Incentive: Name recognized on a dedicated "Keystone Wall" within the building.
  • $2000 - Architect of Change
    • Incentive: Special recognition plaque with the donor's name and a personalized message displayed in a prominent location within the building.
  • More than $2000 - Visionary Patron
    • Incentive: Exclusive VIP recognition, such as a private tour of the building with the organization's leadership or a personalized acknowledgment ceremony.


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To contribute, please visit [Donation Link] and select your desired donation amount. Your generosity will make a difference.


Thank you for your continued support!

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