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Queen Athena II

Natisha Butler

Natisha Butler

A native New Orleanian, Natisha has a servant’s heart and is passionate about community service and outreach. She has volunteered countless hours working to raise awareness of the importance of mental health screening. Her passion for community service has led her to rally on the steps of the Louisiana State Capitol for the rights of Mental Health Patients.

Through her non-profit organization, Imperial Lady, Natisha has hosted several community service events, held workshops for young girls, organized a prom dress give- away and donated clothing to an area shelter. Natisha sponsored holiday events for foster youths in the metropolitan area and successfully raised proceeds to pay for on-site activities for at- risk – youth. Natisha’s wealth of knowledge, insight and commitment to community advocacy are the tools necessary to change a generation.

The 2016 Royal Court is not complete without her King, Graces, Debutantes, Princesses, and Princes.

Royal Court

King of Athena

King of Athena II - Dr. Eric Griggs

Grace of Sisterhood

Sabrina White

Grace of Service

Christina George

Grace of Fellowship

Rose Murray Lollis

Grace of Fun

Kelly DeTiege

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