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Queen Athena VI

Allison Hope Stein

Allison Hope Stein

Allison Hope Stein is a native of Detroit, Michigan. She enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1989 and through her dedication and perseverance has lead Marines in Santa Ana, California; Okinawa, Japan; Overland Park, Kansas; Chicago, Illinois; Johnstown, Pennsylvania; Virginia Beach, Virginia and lastly, New Orleans, Louisiana. She retired as a Chief Warrant Officer- completing 22 years of honorable and faithful service.

Allison joined Krewe of Athena Carnival Club in 2014. As a charter member, her commitment to the organization has been steadfast. As a result of her work acumen, she was appointed to the Executive Board of Athena. She has worked on Special Events Committee, Ball Committee, Finance Committee and has managed the Krewe of Athena’s Merchandise store.

Queen Allison Stein is no stranger to royalty. In 2017, Queen Allison was presented as Grace of Service and in 2018, she was presented as Grace of Fellowship. With each reign, Queen Allison left an indelible mark of being selfless and an advocate for social change.

In the Spring of 2019, Allison Stein was selected to reign as Queen Athena VI. As queen, she felt it was vital to continue her work in the community, but on a larger scale. She launched Project Hope this past summer. Under her platform, she delivered supplies to students enrolled in Jefferson Parish Schools. The supplies included backpacks, pens, pencils, paper and rulers, crayons and markers. “I see hundreds of students who show up to their first day of school without the resources they need to make the most of this school year, so it is my hope to make a difference,” said Queen Allison Stein. Through her initiative Project Hope, Queen Athena VI is dedicated to transforming lives through acts of kindness, spreading love and inspiration. Queen Allison spearheaded another community event in collaboration with the 2020 Graces. Their collaboration on fed nearly one hundred citizens. She currently has plans to donate more school supplies and continue to raise awareness on the plight of homelessness.

When she is not working as a Jefferson Parish District Office Probation and Parole Officer, Queen Allison enjoys crafting, embroidering, sewing, bowling and traveling the highways and byways on her 2005 Yamaha V-Star 650 motorcycle.

Royal Court

King of Athena

King of Athena VI - Mr. Perry Alexis, Jr.

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